The day Holger decided to attend the department meetings!


Holger decided to participate in the department meeting! How odd! Like lots of other people, Holger has attended countless meetings – not least department meetings – and found them to be boring, long-winded, often pointless, unorganised, without an agenda and altogether an enormous waste of everybody’s time, particularly when there’s important stuff to be getting on with for actual customers! Maybe your experience is fairly similar? 

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Why don’t we wonder why? 

– and create meaning, engagement and innovation!

teambuilding i wonder why.HEIC

We can do that by initiating a process of wondering and using a wondering list! So, what’s a wondering list, I hear you say? Maybe, you don’t know what it is? Maybe, you’re wondering what it might be? Maybe, you’ve become curious? Maybe, it whets your interest? Maybe, it disturbs you in your work and upsets your plans? That is exactly the point! 

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