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The day Holger decided to attend the department meetings!

Servant leadership, behaviour changes, team building, agile, transparent communication, building trust

Holger decided to participate in the department meeting! How odd!

Like lots of other people, Holger has attended countless meetings – not least department meetings – and found them to be boring, long-winded, often pointless, unorganised, without an agenda and altogether an enormous waste of everybody’s time, particularly when there’s important stuff to be getting on with for actual customers!

Maybe your experience is fairly similar? Would you like a change?

Wonder why, courious, active listening, conflict handling, knowledge sharing

Why don’t we wonder why? – and create meaning, engagement and



We can do that by initiating a process of wondering and using a wonderings list! So, what’s a wonderings list, I hear you say? 


Maybe, you don’t know what it is? Maybe, you’re wondering what it might be? Maybe, you’ve become curious? Maybe, it whets your appetite? Maybe, it disturbs you in your work and upsets your plans? That’s exactly the point! 


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Handle project uncertainty, unknown knowns, vulnerability, reflecting teams, team building

Together we know so much more! - How can we help each other with challenges and improve competencies?


It’s in the nature of projects to be challenging, some more than others. This affects project owners, all project participants and even worse the project success! Fortunately, there’s often a great deal of knowledge within the project team. We just don’t use it! We don’t use it to handle the challenges and make it an opportunity to improve each other’s competence levels and strengthen the team building.


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goleman leadership styles, work climate, emotional intelligence

Understand the impact of your leadership style 

– and achieve greater employee engagement!


Your boss says: There’s a workshop on leadership styles and work climate and relationships next week. And you’re going!– or – your boss says: there’s an opportunity for you to participate in a seminar on leadership styles and experience how the various styles build relationships and create employee engagement. If you think that might be for you, go ahead and register for the workshop. I look forward to hear your reflections are when you get back.


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